Ordering a Book of Shadows replica - How it works?

Book of Shadows replicas are released in batches throughout the year. Usually atleast twice (sometimes three) Summer and Christmas. 
The process has been the same for many years but here is a guideline for those who may be a little confused.
1. Look out for the date announced for the next batch. A specific day and time will be set and a countdown to that specific time. Books usually go on sale at 7pm LONDON TIME. The countdown will be useful in adjusting the time for your specific timezone.
2. Log onto the website at the correct time on the correct day. Books usually sell out rather quickly so even a few minutes could be enough to lose out.
3. Add the Book to your Cart and continue the order. Purchase your Book and pay to complete the transaction.
4. Check that you have received a confirmation email.
5. You will receive an email asking for details within 48hours of purchase.
6. There will be a 4-6 week wait after purchase whilst your Book is being created. Updates will be emailed periodically.
7. When Books are ready for dispatch, you will receive an email with a tracking number
1. If you experience a problem with ordering, due to a website error, such as a shipping error. Please screenshot this and send to me via Facebook.
2. Adding additional items to the same order can be enough to miss out. To save time, it is recommended to not add any other items to the order. You can place a seperate order for any other items. Other items ordered with a Book of Shadows replica will not be shipped until the book ships. Please place as a seperate order.