Book of Shadows Price Increase

Hello Everyone. 

It has been 2 years since the relaunch of Prescott Manor and as you may have noticed, the Book of Shadows has incurred a necessary price increase. There are several reasons for this increase, these are detailed below. 

- Printing Costs

Printing the entire Book of Shadows is a technical process and uses a very specific type of printing (waterproof ink, which allows the pages to be aged). This is done by a professional printing company in Italy and then shipped to me in London. 

- Leather

Getting the correct colour of Leather for the Book of Shadows has become increasingly difficult and is now provided by a company that ages the leather to a suitable colour for me to use a base- this is a chargable service.

- Production Time

As a one man team, creating the amount of Book of Shadows needed for a Batch is very labour intensive. Since Prescott Manor has grown to such a big size (thanks to all you fans and your support) I have less free time to work on these and occasionally need outside help.

- Business Costs

Lastly, since Prescott Manor is both my hobby and my business, I now have financial responsibilities that come with running a business. (Overhead costs, taxes etc)

Essentially, this price increase will cover the price I pay on Tax for each Book.

I look forward to continuing the magic and creating replicas old and new.

Blessed Be,